Portable and Handy Washing Machine

Portable and Handy Washing Machine

Portable and Handy Washing Machine is the best and smart tool for people to wash clothes in the easiest way so that their life may become easier.

  • The Portable and handy washing machine can be carried in a college bag. People living in a rented apartment, Hostels or travels a lot. People living in apartments where space is a bigger problem. This portable washing machine comes to solve their daily life problems.
  • It saves a lot of time. For example: Washing heavy jeans pant and one T-shirt takes around 6 minutes total using this washing machine, that makes sense.
  • Electricity consumption is very less using this. For Ex: Washing a Large size bed sheet will consume electricity of 0.20 Rs(INR) assuming Rs 6/ Unit and supply line 240 Volt in India.
  • Using this portable washing machine wastage of water is much less than conventional washing machines.

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